Of couse, when Google adapted AJAX+JS framework to their gmail product, guys may still think “Yeah, it’s just a small change”.

When Google added SPDY[] procotol into their implementation of Chrome,

guys may say “yeah, faster, as multi-Scream based on TCP ‘link'”.

But when we talked about html5, who can say “hi, I don’t want  to be in the game”.

Turning back to the news linked at the first line of essay, Now Microsoft followed the way of Google’s way for their Office via HTML5+JS.

Saying the world is changing now, slowly but incredibly[?]. ^_^

Trying to do something, hmmm…, I went through the “Professinal html5 programming” early of this year.

Except the mature framework supports, almost the thing is ready. [Sure, compared with WPF, a long way to go, however, comparsion between Web thing and naive local thing, infair.]

  • Checking up with IBM’s Maqetta – After taking a glance at it, VC of SAP ByD? [just a joking, two different things]
  • I like javascripts programming via Edit/Gedit, but where is the framework for HTML5? How does it looks like? ….

PS: Sliverlight5 => Where do you want to go, questions for Microsoft? I believe it still will be valuable, in case that Microsoft guys could define the clear scope for it. Difficult, but actually meaningful. Or….