XCode Keyboard mapping via Windows T510 standard keyboard

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Play with objective-c under apple virtual system 10.6.6.i, in Xcode implementation.

Here, keyboard mapping picture.


1,from Apple Support Site of KeyBoard Comparsion and Creating and using your own input method

2,references book for key mapping, from “uncle ling” – KeyMappingRule

⌃ = control ⌘ = command ⌥ = option ⇧ = shift


Android development referent

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Android is based on Java programming, however, I’d like objective-c a little bit.

Workaround – Change TT table content [Just for fun]

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This blog is recorded for ABAP transparent table modification, in case you don’t have sufficient rights.

Core : in /h new debugger, you can change the variable, just so simple…

But strongly recommend not to use.

Programming is a kind of logic game, please do keep serious!!! Don’t want to find the side door.

WCF & Silverlight Vadation

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Recently focused on ABAP programming, almost finished advanced ABAP PART.

Now for C#, some works have to be done for WPF 3.5/4.0 implementation.

Today reading some essay on CSDN:

  1. http://blog.csdn.net/fangxinggood/archive/2011/06/13/6540307.aspx – WCF4.0 –- RESTful WCF Services (5)
  2. http://blog.csdn.net/jameszhou/archive/2011/06/26/6569120.aspx – Silverlight – RIA Services data validation and localization on Server side

Take sometime for checking-up and implementation on virtual system. 🙂

Come on!