The major changes of .Net 4.0 included: DLR hosting environment.

  • DLR core – having generic COM/COM+ command conversion layer[Dynamic Sites] to invoke[not call, from orignal concept of “call” means. For call, we have concrete input/output parameters with formal parameter list format]. for DLR’s key word dynamic, we can clearly see that’s not the way of DLR working. So normally DLR could provide possibility for .Net framework to host incompatible language runtime.
  • Ruby, Python and Scala [if you search on Google, you will find some guys make continous efforts to make Scala working on .Net], could be hosted by .Net.
  • And how? see
in sharpdevelop, they have already integrated with their firee IDE.
  • Nothing more? for DLR enhancement for dynamic language, of  course not.
Just image that you have a runtime environment to host your language for Ruby, Python, and have possibilities to write something with their original language libraries [def… and refer a lot from them], also for .Net framework[WPF window, WCF services, etc].
However, you couldn’t debug and track, until the runtime. That’s not true for any dynamic development environment.
So the next feature will be how-to add IL features for debugging dynamically in DLR host, and performance analysis. The most important thing is that “Segment execution” – Sorry, I made this word out.
Similar to Python interface testing, I have to clarify here:
  • For normal case, in DLR world, we don’t have IDE like VS2010[sure, IronRuby has it, let’s ignore. Just think about you write something out to execute Ruby in Winform or WPF]. There should be something like testing triggered from Ruby interface, and the tricky part is that even in VS2010, we don’t have sufficient information for such conversion and runtime tracking.
  • I think that’ll be the direction to provide detail runtime analysis and dump tracking for DLR hosting application.  And furthermore, having a customized “Dynamic Sites” to hook to Ruby runtime, then load debugger-debuggee for runing Ruby/python.
Not so easy, however, not impossible, if you have knowledges for IL hooking[directly to “Dynamic Site”, or via Delegation to feedback]. I’d prefer to IL approach.
Anyway, not a news[last year, September 2010], today when I picked up one magazine, I happened to think about – How about writing out.