Disable FQDN for Local Server

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  • If your ABAP PI/Netweaver System hasn’t been maintained into Full qualified Domain Name[FQDN], in bsp application, you will receive the following error, during loading BSP.

The following error text was processed in system : The URL contains no complete domain specification (cnst50059090 instead of cnst50059090.<domain>.<ext>).

  • How-to solve, check up with Notes 1088717, 1124553 and 517484

=> Modification with CX_FQND::CHECK

 METHOD check.

  DATA: lv_host    TYPE string,
        lv_port    TYPE string.  “#EC NEEDED

  lv_host = request->get_header_field( name = ‘host’ ).
  IF lv_host NA ‘.’ OR lv_host CO ‘0123456789.:’.
*{   INSERT         PI6K900003                                        1
  IF lv_host EQ ‘<your host-cnst50059090>:<your port-50200>’ . ” for localhost implementation
    exit. “just quit dummy FQDN check-up
    IF NOT lv_host CS ‘localhost’.
      SPLIT lv_host AT ‘:’ INTO lv_host lv_port.
        EXPORTING host   = lv_host
                  domain = ‘.<domain>.<ext>’. “#EC NOTEXT recommend security group


=> String operation : http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw04/helpdata/en/fc/eb3516358411d1829f0000e829fbfe/frameset.htm



Workaround – Change TT table content [Just for fun]

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This blog is recorded for ABAP transparent table modification, in case you don’t have sufficient rights.

Core : in /h new debugger, you can change the variable, just so simple…

But strongly recommend not to use.

Programming is a kind of logic game, please do keep serious!!! Don’t want to find the side door.