iOS 8.0 with TabbarItem in new icon

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1, for general guideline of adding icon into tabbar item, please check up with

2, for how to set the selectedimage in storyboard, please check up with

take care: here use Key value path mapping for image, instead of setting selectedimage in storyboard

3, for iOS 8.0 compatable icon template, please refer to

4, for generate iOS 8.0 icon by your own, please refer to

5, for how to change tint color in iOS 8.0, still in follow-up

6, navigation bar in storyboard design, see solution

  • Solution: tabbarcontroller as initial and root controller, embedded for subtabbarcontroller in navigation controller

tabbarcontroller and navigationcontroller in storyboard

[TODO  by orlando, verified in apple officialsite for this in Combined View Controller Interfaces]

7, set title for tabbarcontroller or navigationcontroller, see and

briefly speaking,

Every view controller has a navigation item. You are changing the navigation item of the navigation controller… but that will never be seen unless the navigation controller was inside another navigation controller! Instead of
self.navigationController.navigationItem.title = @"hai";

you want

self.navigationItem.title = @"hai";

or, if your navigation item’s title is nil, the navigation controller will use your view controller’s title:

self.title = @"hai";

You should simply set the view title, which is used by both navigation bars and tab bars, unless you want to specify a different title for each of those for some reason.

8, Using Auto Layout in UITableView for dynamic cell layouts & variable row heights, see autolayout theory in stackoverflow.


iPhone iPad In Action

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Last Friday, I bought one book called <iPhone and iPad in Action>. Just taking a glance at it, with a full-covered topic for iOS SDK.

In order to find the original version of this book, search in CSDN, and attached into my SkyDrive,

Shared with guys, who are interested with iOS development, iPhone_and_iPad_in_Action [I called it iOS in action].

Honestly speaking, it’s just a manual for taking action, regarding system perspective and API in deep, I think programming guideline and <MacOSX_Internals_A_Systems_Approach>, better!!!

Absolutely, know how-to run, I prefer to know how-is-the-behind. 🙂 Hope you like it.