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Animation Effect adjustment of WPF

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Refer from Adam, Nathan’ WPF unleashed for 3.5.

  • -> static property Tier and TierChanged event

Tier is 32bit int number, however, the real value is stored in the higher 16 bytes.

int tier = RenderCapability.Tire>>16;

if tier == 0, system will use software rendering;

if tier == 1, system will use hardware rendering sometimes;

if tier == 2 [highest level], system will use hardware rendering, wherever graphic could be rendered by hardware.

-> esp. in tier == 0 system, will be difficult to run multi-animation[with 3D effect or complicated transition] .

  • So how-to for tier == 0 system, 1, remove Animation; 2, eliminate DesiredFrameRate of Storybard[normal case = 60frames/second],

WPF – databinding trace & Mike Hillberg

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Glass Effect For WinForm&WPF

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Just apply glass effort of Vista/Windows 7 for windows form and WPF framework.

  • The orignal idea from WPF unleashed

For normal WPF application, we can use P/Invoke and delegate to win32 WDM API to enable glass effect for application – see DwmExtendFrameIntoClientArea() API.

However, this pre-requisite is that BorderStyle = None.

The better choice for not None border style is DwmEnableBlurBehindWindow API(), However for this case, if multi-windows dialogs have been concerned, the total effect won’t as we expected.

As TopMost windows effect will be overrided by internal control style.

See Microsoft style, that’s enable the internal control style for glass transparent.

However, Windows Form won’t be such case, as we use standard windows Form control. So Glass Effect please let it for WPF application or single style windows form application.

Esp. for WinForm application, which hasn’t had so many embedded layout. [My Report application is definitely not this case, so very ugly for output]

  • Reference of Glass Effect Enable

CodeProject –

WCF & Silverlight Vadation

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Recently focused on ABAP programming, almost finished advanced ABAP PART.

Now for C#, some works have to be done for WPF 3.5/4.0 implementation.

Today reading some essay on CSDN:

  1. – WCF4.0 –- RESTful WCF Services (5)
  2. – Silverlight – RIA Services data validation and localization on Server side

Take sometime for checking-up and implementation on virtual system. 🙂

Come on!