Pregel – Parallel Processing Framework

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Music – beautiful tonight

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Mono C# Preparation with Github source

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Modal Dialog BringToFront Invalid issue

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Current Solution :

  1. Two manage AppDomain hosted in one native Process. So when one exception managed pop-up dialog is shown in one application, in the major native process we need to force to bring the it to front.
  2. In case you try to monitor the Windows Message flow beside override WndProc() method. Another alternative is Message Filter for Application API. IMessageFilter Interface and How-to add Filter for WPF– MSDN API
  3. In case, you try to bring the ModalDialog to backend, as the most relevant application may be switched to lose focus. Just setParent() and set TopMost=false, see “backend ShowDialog”


Git Command List

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Git Basic Command
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.Net Client to surpass Https Server

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  • How does Story start?

We have a stupid website with secure web session to let user access resource. The key point is that the normal technology couldn’t be applied for such case, as there must be a logging-on web UI to fetch ajax authentication key[actually SSO keystore]. With such key in client session[cookies], you can access your target resources with “HTTP-Get”, and the target resource is downloading in Http attachment.

Why “stupid”?

  1. For normal https-surrounding server, there should be API-accessing way for different language[if needed] with keystores generation logic embedded.  For instance, for java client, the API of securityFacotry should generate keystores, and guarateen accessing way. – However, for .Net, it doesn’t exist unfortunately. My personal idea : such API library should be “one-must” for Clould based-application.
  2. Such web resources depends on ajax technology to send out attachment to “HTTP-GET” client accessing, However, it will be a common case for Customer/Parnter to access such report directly. So let’s say is it possible that Adobe will close up its free API of generation of PDF. Obviously not. My personal idea : Web-service/Restful API is required for such report-accessing way, so https authentication or SSO preparation will be re-requisitie for accessing configuration. =>Application = [Authentication] + [API Loigc], with indepent logic seems better philosophy.

Current logging-on Scenario, Architect as following :

  • Our case : Without Client API via simplest way, and HttpWebRequest will just fetch static web html, Not target xml file.
  • The best solution : I worked out Client API with certificate generation storage inside, and web resource will be attached in Web Serivce/Restful API.

Question back : How-to work out Client API to access web resource?My idea is that to automate the procedure in Web Browser.

Key points :

  1. Host IE Control with proxy in Windows Form Application.
  2. Using DOM documentation inside WebBrowser Item, to trigger logging-on Actions.
  3. Customized IDownloadManager API to download attachment into local.
  4. Error-Handling
  • Site/Proxy isn’t available
  • Logging-on error, which could be parsed via DOM documentation

Application design details will be attached later, WILL FOCUS ON -> IDownloadManager, WebBrowser DOM, etc.

List Reference as follow: [Some interesting topic includes]

  1. Tutrials – Walkthrough: Creating Custom Client and Service Credentials MSDN – Certificate Validation Differences Between HTTPS, SSL over TCP, and SOAP Security
    How to: Create a Custom Token Certificate Validation Differences Between HTTPS, SSL over TCP, and SOAP Security
  2. MSDN API  – MSDN API – ServicePoint.ClientCertificate Property   MSND API – ServicePoint Class
    MSDN API – ServicePointManager.ServerCertificateValidationCallback Property  MSDN API – ServicePointManager.CertificatePolicy Property                                                                                               SSL(https) service callback Error
  3. Additional Reference – Chapter 17 — Tuning .NET Application Performance MSDN – Chapter 10 – Building Secure ASP.NET Pages and Controls

Hadoop-MapReduce Enhancement essays

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As time goes by,  performance requirement of Hadoop is increasing dynamically based on huge distributed system payload.

So intelligent guys tried as follow :

Apache’s Zookeeper -> Cluster availability checking-up and cluster status recovery,