As you know, in windows 8 build conference [this 13- 16], Microsoft already unveiled Windows 8 developer version for us.

As I’m developer, so choose Windows Developer Preview with developer tools English, 64-bit (x64), about 5GB size.

  • Virtual system preparation:

Here, I introduce sun’s virtualbox as host, with version 4.1.2.

Let’s rock…

1, Create new virtual system

step 1 - Create new virtual system

step 2 - choose Windows 7 (64bit)

Step 3 - Create new virtual disk

Step 4 - Select Virtual Disk Type

Step 6 - Dynamic Disk Type

Step 7 – Create Virtual Disk with Dynamic Max Size


OK, then we have to configure boot ISO and Visualization option [As 64 bit virtual system is required for Windows 8 64bit iso booting.]

And you have to enable your BIOS with Visualization option, if your computer couldn’t support visualization, I’m really sorry for you….

Step 8 - System Configuration

Step 8 - Mount your ISO disk

Step 9 - Select your iso

Step 10 - Rock Guys

2, Logging into your windows 8 system, change your screen resolution to larger than 1024. Then you can develop with your Visual studio 2011, with Grid/New application.

Screen shot for Windows 8

Update your screen resolution

Cheer up with Visual studio 2011