Already a long time ago, when I first got touch with Objective-C.
I still vividly remembered that students in our apple labs had been busy with translation of Cocoa Programming guide.

Now situation totally has been changed, people become crazy apple’s fans here. But they don’t know how the things happened, and how people made comments for the same company, just short 7 years ago.

Honestly speaking, I don’t think the book with effort of students in apple labs are with great value for programming.
Similar to MSDN, ADC is really heaven for programmer – saying XCoder.
If you have been get used to ABAP, whyn’t give yourself an opportunity to see the different world? At least, more literal worlds with code of more free-style.

Just list the programming guide list, again go for that. The first step is directly to see the official guide, not the second-hand books[In market, actually there’re already a lot].

Search item in ADC :

Highlights the last section, it’s just because that someone is interested with programming, relevant with money…

But do they really understand  why we like programming? Maybe not.

OK, back again, something relevant with SAP ByD programming. iOS has the following APIs for Http request and also Stig Brautasetd’s JSON provider [I think it’ll be very interesting for you to do it by yourself, then you can understand how-to handle with chunk of data, package header, etc]

If you’re beginner of Cocoa, who try to work with Http request/Network programming, please check up with

If you just wanted an answer and step-by-step guide for json programming[I hate this style for programming very much], just check with, that’ll be sufficient.