Cassandra 0.7.3 Wiki
Key features
1, Scalable – scalable capacity without down-time; better agility using schema-less data model
2, Reliable – P2P cluster nodes, supported via cross-data center replication
3, Durable – configurable write feature and fsync system, once completed, no further data loss even with hardware failure
4, Analytic without ETL – hadoop jobs
5, Performant – tunable consistency levels, multiple cache tuning

Start and Stop Cassandra
1, Start Cassandra via command line
sh bin/cassandra -f [-p pidfile]
-p file will record process id into current $CASSANDRA_HOME folder, then kill $(cat pidfile) to stop cassandra server
RunningCassandra Run Wiki Configuration

2, Mx4j library couldn’t be found in classpath
Classpath is in the $CASSANDRA_HOME\lib here, you can download JMX library to that folder.
JMX is a kind of service monitoring adn administration library.